Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Plan, manage and monitor all aspects of your business in a customisable way so you never overlook what’s important. Prioritise and track all your departmens’ activity from one place with ease. Financial management, sales, debt tracking, warehouse management, production, resource planning, human resources, service management and more help ensure your company meets its goals.

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Modular functionality for all your business needs.

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More than 110,000 companies use MS Dynamics 365 Business Central for financial management, sales and marketing, purchasing and debt, warehouse, manufacturing, resource planning, human resources, projects and service management. Give your business the best optimization and growth conditions available on the market today!

Centralized control for your business

Microsoft's ERP solution consists of a highly customizable package designed to ensure your business grows controlled. The profound and complex information on business clues ensures an efficient organization of activity at all levels.

  • Office space management – rent

    • Customer management with credit limits and overdue invoices.
    • Renting spaces management per floor, space, building.
    • Parking lot management.
    • Contract management.
    • Rent contract management with associated price lists in RON or foreign currencyl invoicing using BNR or BNR+index exchange rate.
    82 / user / month
  • Localization

    • Unique registration code validation using or Finance Ministry platform.
    • 394 Statement, using Duk Integrator and associated electronic signature.
    • VAT return, user-configurable.
    • Vies - with daily online check of partners at
    • Instrastat - management of custom tariffs code per itmes nomenclature .
    25 / user / month
  • Project Management

    • Customer management with credit limits and overdue invoices.
    • Sales price management at project level.
    • Resources management per project with sales prices and associated costs.
    • Delivery management per project.
    • Aquisition management per project.
    82 / user / month
  • Agricultural production

    • Real estate activity management related to land compacting for agricultural production.
    • Batch management per culture and agricultural activity.
    • Management of daily work orders.
    • Fuel comsumption for own pums or MOL or OMV stations management.
    • Management of the culture sheet per type of expenditure, type of agricultural activity, with the automatic highlighting of the production in progress.
    87 / user / month
  • Production

    • Partner management. For RO and EU partner management, online CUI verification is implemented.
    • Managing the production process at real or standard cost. Redistribution of indirect costs in the production cost is developed, based on various distribution keys.
    • Managing production in progress, including reallocation of indirect costs on different allocation criteria.
    • Planning of production processes, depending on the parameterization, preparation, operation on the production lines and workshops.
    • Planning of the production processes, according to the parameterization and preparation time, performing operations on the production lines and on workshops.
    87 / user / month
  • Retail and Distribution

    • Simplified customer sales card for retail sales.
    • Detailed customer data sheet for the distribution business.
    • Internal CUI verification, on the platform or the finance ministry platform..
    • Checking EU partners on the platform
    • Price lists per customers groups.
    87 / user / month